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Local production for local consumption, Shinshu ingredients are served seasonally with various creative kaiseki meals

Time to get drunk with local sake and wine from Shinshu・ ・ ・

  • Accommodation food"Creative Kaiseki cuisine set"

  • Banquet food

    The above is an example of a 4,000 yen course per person.
    We accept accommodation banquets and day banquets according to your budget.
    There is also a large pot course private accommodation.
  • One-day lunch

    The above is an example of a Western food course of 3,000 yen per person.
    If you wish, we offer seasonal dishes such as Japanese set meals that fit your budget.
  • Condolence food

    The above is an example of a 7,000 yen course per person.Respond to requests according to various scenes
    I am doing it.
  • Outdoor cooking

    You can enjoy barbecue dishes in nature.
    Please contact us for the sales time, etc. as it is only seasonal.