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Kurohime CAMP

2021 Experience-based camp at Kurohime

  • A healing camp in nature begins.
    It's OK empty-handed! pleasant! relief! easily!
    You won't have to worry or worry about camping.

    The experience-based plan Kurohime Camp is recommended, let's try making bread this year
  • There are 3 types of plan to choose from                As the number of buildings is limited, make a reservation as soon as possible ...

    There are two types of empty-handed camping plans "A safe hotel with guest room plan"       "Outdoor enjoyment plan"                                                 plan come with a set of camping equipment, so even beginners can rest assured, and dinner and breakfast are also included, increasing satisfaction.
Experience-based camp What can we do this year?Experience example
 ① Challenge to make bread!  ~Knead from the dough and eat freshly baked bread over charcoal~

 (2) Enjoy a relaxing time with roasted marshmallows from the fire-starting challenge.

 ③ Together with the family"Survival experience"

  And so on, so please call us for more information.

!! plan with guest rooms!  

  • plan that you can stay in a hotel room while having fun in a tent!
    It's safe even if the weather suddenly gets worse at the camp .....
    plan for children and moms in the camp debut

    Enjoy BBQ and play in the tent! It is a greedy plan that you can enjoy both camping and hotel.
  • Preparations / service contents

    Camping equipment/Dinner(BBQ)/Hotel public bath(With bath towel and face towel)/breakfast/Hotel accommodation bedding

Camping equipment example1 tent/Tarp 1 Zhang/For the number of sleeping bags/For the number of chairs/table/lanthanum/BBQ cooking ingredients set

!! Outdoor enjoyment plan!

Challenge a sleeping bagThis plan plan that you can stay only in a tent.Of course, camping equipment, dinner and breakfast are also included, so don't worry.plan that the staff can also help and experience preparation of "tents and tarps", preparation of BBQ, etc.

!! Camp free site plan with tools!

  •     I want to use only the place! We also have a free site space for such people.
  • Only camp space is provided.(As the number of lots is limited, make a reservation as soon as possible)

    Please be assured that only food can be prepared...

    *Rental of camping equipment at the hotel is limited in stock, so don't forget it
     Please prepare.
    *There are time zone restrictions and reservations required, such as hotel bathing and experience.
     Please check in advance.

For inquiries, availability, and reservations, please call ☎026-255-3211

Anshin Hotel Room planAdult 1 person 11,800 yen(Tax included) ~ 
Outdoor enjoyment planAdult 1 person 8,800 yen (tax included) ~
Tool bring planAdult 1 person 1,300 yen (tax included) ~

Other fun

  • Bonfire
    Please be healed at the bonfire site, and there are also delicious drinks.
  • Large Communal Bath
    Bathing reception will be at the front desk.Please be sure to check the time zone etc. on the day.
  • Bird watch
    How many kinds of wild birds can you find?
  • Forest exploration
    Feel the healing effect of the forest and the power of nature

Precautions for using the camp

Check InFrom 13:00

Please come to the front desk of the Kurohime Rising Sun Hotel for check-in.
(Available from 15:00 for hotel rooms)
Check Out~ Next day 10:00
Driving a carNot possible (Parking lot is available in a separate section.Paid)
PetsPets are not allowed in the hotel facility or in the rental tent.
About cancellation4 days before staying:20% of room rate
2 days before staying:40% of room rate
The day before accommodation:60% of room rate
On the day of check-in:80% of room rate
No-show:100% of room rate

Reservations can be made by phone or email!

mail addresskurohime@risingsun-hotel.jp

How to spend model plan

!! For outdoor enjoyment plan!

  • From 13:00 to 16:00"hotel check-in"

    The staff will give a lecture on how to set up a tent.
    Have fun learning and challenge yourself to set up tents and tarps.
    *Customers will also be asked to set up with the staff.
  • 17:00"BBQ"

    The staff will bring you the ingredients for BBQ.
    Rest assured that you have everything you need for your meal!

    We recommend that you make a reservation for "Ishiyakiimo Experience" for dinner.
  • Nightfall-night

    You can spend the best time at the bonfire corner, or if it's sunny, you may meet the starry sky!
    You can take a bath at the hotel, so refresh yourself with ultra-soft water from the groundwater of Mt Kurohime!
    There is also a night hike experience, so it would be nice to see small animals at night.
    Relax in your tent and rest while listening to the sounds of nature.
  • Next day 8:00"Forest breakfast"

    Let's make an original "Smooth" at the front desk lobby lounge!
    Choose bread, vegetables, eggs, etc., move to the front of the tent, and enjoy a plateau breakfast with the original "hot sandwich" and "French toast".
    *It may be provided outdoors or indoors depending on the weather.

10:00"Check Out"

  • You can leave the tent as it is! Check out at the hotel front desk.