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Group travel

Selling points for accepting various group trips!

hotel"Kurohime Rising Sun Hotel"

  • It is a hotel with a capacity of 400 people, which is basically reserved for the entire building.
    424 schools have accepted ski school trips for the past 30 years.
    The number of people mentioned is 428,000.It was renewed in 2006 to make it easier to use.
    In addition, the hotel practices dietary education based on attitudes toward food and nutrition.
    Incorporating local production for local consumption, especially a good diet for the brain considering nutritional balance,
    We offer "Rising Sun Brain Booster (R)".
    Please contact us as we are individually responding to food allergies that have been increasing rapidly in recent years.

Pillar of experiential learning

  • At our hotel, we are working on four pillars as experiential learning.
    Each program consists of various activities to achieve the purpose,
    Instructors with high skills are proceeding while ensuring safety management during activities.
    In addition, we Kurohime Highland as a place for verification of comprehensive learning, and we also support pre-learning and post-learning in the school.
  • Communication camp
    Through various activities, we will create a rich humanity, a friendly person-to-person connection, and facilitate communication after the camp.
  • Sports experience
    Move your body as much as you want in the clear air of the sun
    Through group activities, we will move ourselves and cultivate a feeling of compassion for those around us who are tired.
  • Experience the Nature
    By living in the great nature and acting on your own, you will evoke the five senses, deepen your understanding of nature, cultivate a feeling of valuing nature, and convey the joy of being moved.
  • Life experience(Green tourism)
    In rural areas away from the daily living environment
    Deepen your understanding of work through experiences while enjoying nature, culture, and interaction with people.

Rising Sun Brain Booster (R)"A diet that enhances brain function"

Improve learning efficiency with a well-balanced diet!

  • Daily diet is one of the important factors for studying efficiently.
    Eating a well-balanced diet does not immediately lead to results,
    If you continue to eat good food at the right time, you will feel better.
    It is believed that increased concentration leads to better results.
    It doesn't have an immediate effect, but it can be said that it is indispensable for demonstrating its ability in production.

The only source of energy for the brain.
Glucose, the energy source for the brain, is made by breaking down sugar.
When exercising, high-intensity kinetic energy is the source, so it is important to eat the staple food three times (ten snacks).
LipidVegetable oil/butter/mayonnaise/Animal oil/Dairy products/egg

Promotes the absorption of vitamins and stored energy required for exercise.
Originally important as stored energy, it is mainly consumed as an energy source in aerobic exercise.
In modern society, lipid deficiency is unlikely, and it is important to note that overdose.
proteinmeat/fish/egg/Dairy products/Soy products

muscle,Blood etc.,The only body component.
The only body constituents are nails, muscles, blood, etc.
Only a small amount is used as an energy source.
Sufficient protein supplementation during stress relieves stress.

Facilitate energy production.
Adjustment of physical function,Facilitation of energy production.
Helps with the formation of teeth and bones, blood coagulation, and removal of harmful substances.
Insufficient fatigue causes metabolic problems, leading to fatigue, poor memory, and rough skin.

Helps transport bone and body fluid components and oxygen.
It is a component of bones and body fluids.Necessary for improving concentration and memory.
Minerals cannot be produced in the body, so they are taken from foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, and seaweed.

Information in this facility

  • Facility

    ■Japanese-style banquet hall:131 square meters(Can be divided into 4)
    ■Western-style banquet hall / meeting room:588 square meters(Can be divided into 6)
    ■2F Dining Room / Meeting Room:260 square meters(Can be divided into 3)
    ■lobby lounge"Outin"
    ■Large Communal Bath(Men and women)
  • Rooms

    ■Number of rooms:57 rooms
    ■Containment personnel:435 people
  • Access

    ■About 5 minutes from Shinanomachi I.C.(About 4km)
    (About 30 minutes from Joetsu-Takada IC)

    ■Free Pick-up(Free from 10 people)
    If you use the expressway, the fee is the actual cost.
    Please feel free to contact us.
    *For budget and contents, please contact us by phone or the staff will come to a meeting.
    *All prices are tax-excluded.

Information on accommodation

1. Charter the entire buildingDepending on the number of people, the entire building or the floor will be reserved.
2. GreetingsWe will give you a greeting and emergency exit information before the entrance ceremony or dinner on the day of arrival.
3. Room allocationFor students, the room will be divided by 5 to 6 people.
4. How to enterPlease stay in your room with your lower legs, and then use the slippers provided in the room.
5. Room keyThe key is a manual twist type and does not have a chain.Consultation is required for the delivery method.
6. Room bathIn principle, only the teacher or the infirmary can be used.
7. RefrigeratorAvailable in all rooms.The interior is empty and open.
8. Air conditioningThe entire building can be air-conditioned and can be adjusted for each room.
9. Indoor TVAll rooms are installed.Communication can be cut according to your wishes.
10. Broadcast equipmentThere is a mobile projector set.It can be broadcast at the venue of your choice.
11. Indoor phoneAll rooms are available, but students' rooms will be cut both inside and outside.
12. Guest room hot teaTea will be prepared in the corridor on each floor.The teacher will be set in each room and replenished daily.
13. Valuables managementYou can choose to use valuable bags for each room or keep them in class units.
14. BeddingStudents are requested to provide self-service as it is available in the closet of each room.
15. Hair dryerThere is one in each room.Please refrain from bringing it in due to the electric capacity of the room.
16. Music broadcastingIt can also be played in front of the entrance and at the opening and closing ceremonies.Please bring your school song tape, etc.
17. Broadcast in this facilityAll rooms and rooms can be entered, and broadcasting is from the front desk.
18. Large communal bathSet according to the number of people.
Big:Up to 40 people(shower:16 / shelf:54)
During ~:Up to 30 people(shower:14 / shelf:42)
19. Dining venueBasically, you will use the 3rd floor dining room.Consultation is required for seat allocation.
20. Cleaning up the dishesPlease stack the same type of tableware on each table to increase the volume.
21. Overall eventPlease understand that you cannot use the dining venue in principle because the next meal is prepared.
22. Birthday celebrationIf anyone will meet you during your trip, the hotel will give you a souvenir.
23. Shop IceUse as instructed.Time specification is also available.
24. Vending machineUse as instructed.Time specification is also available.
26. VisitorsWe will pick you up for sightseeing in the town.For sightseeing outside the town, we will pick you up at the nearest Kurohime Station.


1. ShioriPlease send 2 copies (3 copies in winter) to the hotel as soon as the door list and Shiori are available.
2. Arrange the experienceDue to arrangements, the experience was carried out half a year ago, and the maximum number of people for each experience was decided.
3. Winter danger pointsThe bottom of the hotel eaves is a very dangerous place due to snowfall and tsurara.
4. Class meeting venueIt is possible to prepare up to 10 places.
5. Illness / injuryWe will pick you up by hotel vehicle.(10 minutes to Shinetsu Hospital)
6. Evacuation siteThe parking lot in front of the hotel entrance is an evacuation site.Please evacuate according to the instructions of the employee.
7. Waiting roomPlease move your luggage to the waiting room or bus after breakfast on the day of departure.

Education learning plan

Original program

  • Kurohime Rising Sun Hotel offers a variety of programs that take advantage of the rich nature.
    Our instructors who are good at safety management will help you to achieve a program consisting of various activities.
  • Climbing
    The hotel is surrounded by multiple mountains such as Mt Myoko Mt Kurohime, Mt Myoko Mt Iizuna and Mt Myoko.We will propose a mountain climbing route that suits you.
    In addition to the instructor, the hotel will back up the mountain climbing Shimoyamaguchi when climbing, and in the event of an emergency, we will pick up and drop off the injured and sick.
  • trekking
    You can enjoy it according to the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    Discover the wonders of nature with the instructor's explanation.Plants, insects and animals found in the woods will surely be treasures.
  • Night program
    The campfire is a great time to look back and think about the future throughout the school year.
    At Night Walk, it is recommended as a program to re-examine yourself, such as feeling the gratitude of people and light and the existence of the universe in the blink of stars by feeling the darkness that can not be experienced in the city.
  • Water program
    Experience wild nature by doing canoeing and yacht sailing at Lake Nojiri and rafting on the Chikuma River.
    We pay close attention to safety, so you can enjoy this program with peace of mind.
  • Food education program
    There are programs such as making curry outdoors with rice cooker, barbecue, baking bread, outdoor cooking using green bamboo baumkuchen, Dutch oven, and making jam, butter, ice cream using local ingredients in this facility.
  • Craft making
    The hotel staff will carefully guide you through the craft making experience learning that you can do at the hotel.

    ■Making seed brooches(Working hours:About 2 hours)
    ■Potpourri sachet(Working hours:About 2 hours)
    ■Leather craft(Working hours:About 2 hours)
    ■Making magatama(Working hours:About 2 hours)
    ■Making hexagonal lanterns(Working hours:About 2 to 3 hours)

    *Working time is a guide.Please see the attached price list for prices.

Winter program

  • It is a 3-minute walk from the hotel to the training slope.
    It features a wide and gentle slope and is ideal for beginners' training.
    There are many study facilities in the area, and it is perfect for dealing with bad weather and visitors.

You can enjoy skiing with peace of mind at "Sales point 5S".

Safty-SafetyWide and gentle slopes are less dangerous and safe for beginners.
*Although the snowfall is over 2m, it is a gentle slope with well-equipped facilities that does not cause avalanches.
Speedy-SpeedyArrive at the ski resort in 5km 6 minutes from Shinanomachi IC!
Sillker-Silly SnowA ski resort with 100% natural snow that does not use a snow machine!
School-SchoolWe have a good reputation for a fulfilling school that can accommodate each level from beginners to experienced people, and you can enjoy acquiring skills.
Symphony-SymphonyEnjoy the sounds of nature without the noise of the surroundings.

Kurohime Kogen Snow Park Basic Data

Altitude difference430m
TOP:1,200m ~
course organization■Beginner 45%(Average slope 10 °)
■Intermediate 35%(Average slope 15 °)
■Advanced 20%(Average slope 23 °)
Maximum gliding distance2,600m
6 lifts11 course:1 high-speed quad/5 fixed pairs
Waiting for a liftSaturday / Sunday up to 5 minutes
Board glidingFully possible

Ski school rental information

1. Training ski resortKurohime Kogen Snow Park
*It is a ski resort managed by the hotel.
2. LiftAll 6 + 1 belt conveyor
3. School1. Ski Association of Japan (SAJ) official Kurohime Ski School
2. Japan Snowboarding Association (JSBA) official Kurohime Snowboarding School
4. Class timeIt is a basic 2-hour course.
(Example) 9:30 am to 11:30 am/1:30 pm to 3:30 pm*Can be extended
5. Lift ticketAll lift numbers are available.
6. RentalHotel rental is available.
7. Equipment distributionWe will hand over small clothing items in the waiting room or room, boots in the locker room, and boards on the slopes.
8. Shoe matchingThere are locker rooms in 2 places in the hotel, so you can set them according to your needs.
9. Departure for the courseI'm new to ski boots on the first day.Please start moving a little earlier.
Students can choose to pick up the skis outside the ski locker or on the slopes.
10. Opening and closing school ceremonyIn front of the slopes or the hotel entrance
11. Opening ceremony procedure(Example) Declaration of opening of school → Demonstration → Greeting from the principal → Greeting from the principal of the ski school → Greeting from the student representative → Introduction of the guide → Roll call by group → Pick up ski board → Class by group
12. Slope headquartersIt can be installed in the fairy house in the family park.
13. Skiing during trainingPlease move to the hotel empty-handed on the slope again according to the instructions of the instructor.
14. Rental collectionSkis will be collected on the slopes, boots will be collected in the locker room, and clothing will be collected in the hotel lobby.
15. EquipmentThere are placards for opening and closing schools (groups 1 to 50), 50 square scoops, cassette decks, etc.
16. Torch gliding party fireworksInstructor dispatch:3,000 yen/1 person
torch:200 yen/One
Expenses:20,000 Yen

This is a student participation event.
In addition, how about launching fireworks just for you?
17. Communication system during trainingCommercial radios are available at the hotel.
18. School meetingIt will be held in the hotel lobby on the day of arrival and after the daily training.

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