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Neighborhood sightseeing

Kurohime no Mori is a Healing Forest

By the way, what kind of forest is in Kurohime?
Is it a special forest?
That's right, Kurohime no Mori is a different forest.

In terms of vegetation, it is a mixed forest of natural vegetation, and there are only 6 beech forests in Nagano prefecture.
In addition, there are many trees called "Azusa", and it is also a forest where Abrachan and Kuro-moji of the genus Lindera, which have an impressive scent of wood oil, grow in clusters.
Due to the mixed forest of natural vegetation, the entire forest will be covered with more than 200 green colors around the fresh green in May and June.

Besides, it is a very healthy and healthy forest that has been carefully cultivated while being watched by people who love the forest every day.
It is a forest that was created with the idea that people can enter the forest, walk in the forest, touch the forest, and feel the forest.

You can walk with a medical trainer, you can walk alone, or you can walk together.
Kurohime no Mori allows you to enjoy various ways.